Sir Robyn and the Cut-Purse Madrigal Script


An outlandish, roadside hold-up leads to laughter when SIR ROBYN, a boastful but cowardly knight, is set upon by THE CUT-PURSE, a saucy villain. As two (2) misguided MINSTRELS sing of Sir Robyn's bravery, the shrinking knight shamelessly takes refuge behind his traveling companion, a tough-talking DAMSEL with attitude to spare. In the end, the robbery is foiled by this feisty maiden, who drives off the thief, then turns upon the trembling Sir Robyn, who runs away in fear.
 Running time: 5-7 minutes.
 Cast includes: 1 male and 1 female + 3 male or female actors 
  • Cut-Purse
  • Brave Sir Robin
  • Two Minstrels 
  • A Damsel 

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