The Cobbler and the King Madrigal Script


With the help of the ROYAL COURT, which serves as the chorus, the KING and an OLD KNIGHT relate this beautiful tale of selflessness and hope. It is the story of a poor, hungry cobbler named Christoff, who finds a man in the snow and offers the stranger his last morsel of food. Little does the kindly cobbler know that the man he has saved is his new king and that his selfless deed will change his own life forever.
Running time: 8-10 minutes.
Cast includes: 2 male lead actors & 4-8 male or female actors
  • The King
  • An Old Knight
  • The Wind (whistled by the court singers)
  • The Chorus (The entire royal court speaking in unison
  • Royal Courtier #1
  • Royal Courtier #2
  • Royal Courtier #3
  • Royal Courtier #4
  • Royal Courtier #5
  • Royal Courtier #6

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