Why Choose Madrigal Traditions?

~ Are you thinking of starting a MADRIGAL TRADITION?

~ Are you looking for new and exciting madrigal material?

~ Want to add magic and mirth to your holiday programming?


Madrigal Traditions, Inc.
~offers all the information you need to prepare, stage, and present a renaissance holiday event!

~The writing is fresh, dynamic and fun, transporting
your audience from the heights of ancient frivolity
to the timeless quietude of poetic prayer.

~The scripts are amazingly flexible, easily adapted to your tastes and situation.

~Spirited, with inventive rhyme and enchanting
storytelling, this is quite simply the best, and most
complete madrigal package available.

So much more than just another script:

~This remarkable package is a thorough, flexible, affordable, and user-friendly madrigal guide,
that will take you through the planning, preparation
and performance of a magical holiday extravaganza.

At the heart of this versatile text is NOEL ROYALE, a fully scripted, Madrigal Play. Poetic and rollicking, thoughtful, yet alive with laughter, this completely original script strikes all those grand, traditional chords.

~ Joyful welcomes from the Jester and Royal Court.
~ A mystical journey to the orchards of the king for a sublime wassail toast.
~ A royal tribute to the boar's head.
~ A playful prelude to THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS.
~ A hot-blooded sword fight for the honor of a fair maiden.
~ A clownish call for the Figgie Pudding.
~ Heraldic announcement of the concert after the meal.
~ The King's blessing.
~ The Jester's farewell.

~But that's only the beginning~

.... calls for three (3) SELF CONTAINED SKITS*
to be performed during the meal, enabling you to weave these wonderful entertainments seamlessly into the flow of the main madrigal script. Choose any three you like. Mix and match to come up with your own winning combination. Our collection offers great variety of tone and emotional content. Written entirely in verse, this diverse assortment of scenes, stories, and performance pieces can bring a unique richness to your madrigal event. Not only does it enhance your ability to tailor the script to your own tastes, but it even allows you to make SELF CONTAINED SKIT selections based on the particular size and depth of your talent pool. And with twelve skits to choose from, you can go through a four year cycle and never do the same skit twice.